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WELCOME ! We are kind people & won't harm you :)
email : th-shoppe@hotmail.com
since Dec'07






1. Strictly NO dead buyers & MIAs.
2. NO changes , refunds or cancellation after confirmation.
3. Only Pasir Ris Mrt Station. Check the SMRT MAP<- Click! ^^
4. If not opt for postage . Normal Postage at your own risk if you are ordering in bulks. But so far no complaints.
5. Payment MUST be done 3 days after confirmation mail is sent.
6. We are not liable for any lost of cash in any situations including supplier mia.
7. PLEASE do not rush us. We are students studying as well. don't buy from us if you can't wait.
8. Should you have queries/orders mail us at th-shoppe@hotmail.com or tag us at the enquires board


Fbts Supply Order Format
Name :
Contact(HP) :
Mailing Address :
Mode of Payment : (POSB bank transfer/meetup)
Mode of Collection : (Normal/Registered/meetup)
Total Quantity :
Type : Non-Dryfit
Amt\Color\Cut\Size : (eg. 1\pink\straight\xl)
Type : Dryfit
Amt\Color\Cut\Size : (eg. 3\white-orange\curve\m)

Boys Over Flowers Order Format
Name :
Contact(HP) :
Mailing Address :
Mode of Payment : (POSB bank transfer/meetup)
Mode of Collection : (Normal/Registered/meetup)
Total Quantity :
1. [Item name]
Sub-Total :
2. [Item name]
Sub-Total :
3. [Item name]
Sub Total :

Any other order format slips will be in the respective posts :)

(striked off = collected)

NOT OPENED YET (Updated as at 30 June)

FBT Supply #10
OPENED (Updated as at 16 June)

OPENED (Updated as at 16 June)

FBT Preorder #09
NDF:1\pink\straight\M - PAID
NDF:1\orange\straight\M - PAID
NDF:1\baby blue\curve\M - PAID

DF:1\white orange\curve\L - PAID
DF:1\white blue\curve\L - PAID

Sharon Boswell;
NDF:2\black\straight\M - PAID
NDF:1\black\curve\M - PAID
NDF:1\black\curve\M - PAID

NDF:1\lime\cure\L - UNPAID
Ren Hui;
NDF:2\black\curve\M - PAID
NDF:1\red\curve\S - PAID
NDF:1\hotpink\curve\M - PAID
NDF:2\black\curve\S - PAID
NDF:1\purple\curve\S - PAID
NDF:1\limegreen\curve\S - PAID
NDF:1\darkgrey\curve\M - PAID

Jing Yi;
DF:1\black pink\curve\XL - PAID
Sin Yi;
NDF:1\black\curve\M - PAID
NDF:1\red\curve\M - PAID

NDF:1\silver\curve\L - PAID
NDF:1\black\straight\L - PAID
NDF:1\darkgrey\straight\XL - PAID

DF:1\black lime\curve\S - PAID
DF:1\black lime\curve\L - PAID
DF:1\black pink\curve\S - PAID
DF:1\black pink\curve\XL - PAID

NDF:1\red\curve\M - PAID
NDF:1\black\straight\S - PAID
NDF:1\navy blue\straight\S - PAID
NDF:1\darkgrey\curve\M - PAID

Xuan Ning;
NDF:1\black\curve\M - PAID
NDF:1\grey\curve\M - PAID
NDF:1\red\curve\M - PAID
NDF:1\black\straight\M - PAID
DF:1\black\straight\M - PAID
DF:1\white orange\curve\M - PAID
DF:1\black\curve\XL - PAID
DF:1\navy\straight\XL - PAID
DF:1\white blue\curve\XL - PAID

FBT Preorder #08
Blogshop 1; Blogshop 2; Quli;

FBT Preorder #07
Pei Yin; Yu Lin; Eileen; Agnes;

FBT Preorder #06
Zhan Ying; Genevieve; Sharon; Jenies;

FBT Preorder #05
Calista; Khalisah; Jenies; Eileen; Cheryl; Bernice; Casandra; Pei Yin; Rachel; Jing Yi;

Plain BF Shirts Preorder #01
CLOSED (-/-)
Zhan Ying; Rachel; Brigette; Carel;

FBT Preorder #04
Zhanying; Joyce; Janice; Serene; Joelle; Michelle W.; Michelle C.; Khairunnisa; Laura; Friends;

FBT Preorder #03
Jenies; Laura; Zhan Ying; Jingyi; Rachel; Amanda; Syafiqah; Sharon;

FBT Preorder #02
Javin; Zhan Ying; Janice; Chin Mei; Calista; Dini;

Tunics Orders **(NOT CAPPING)**
Rachel; Carrie; Verena; Chin Mei;

NF Skinnies Preorder #01
Janice; Joyce; Agnes Lim; Priscilla; Carrie;

Nf Shorts Preorder #02
Agnes; Janice; Eileen; Carel;

1 Instock Bf Shirt

Imports Preorder
Zhan Ying; Javin; Shu Yi;

Little Miss & Mr Men Orders **(STOPPED SELLING)**
Grishelda; Cass; Hui Ping; Cindy; Backout

FBT Preorder #01
Rachel; Janice; Joyce; Javin; Jingyi; Weiling; Priscilla;

Assorted Tees Orders **(STOPPED SELLING)**
Jingyi; Ivy; Janice; Eileen;


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Sunday, July 1, 2012

you are loved

Welcome to http://www.shoppeshoppe.blogspot.com/ ! Mail us at th-shoppe@hotmail.com for more enquires !

Hi ! We are officially back again :)
This time really really for real .
But still , replies will be slower .
Not because we are lazy , it's the Os and hectic school timetable which tends to keep us away from the internet .

Anyway , a brief.

thSHOPPE now only sells this followings :
Fbts: http://shoppeshoppe.blogspot.com/search/label/FBTS;
Kpop: http://shoppeshoppe.blogspot.com/search/label/KPOP;
Bof: http://shoppeshoppe.blogspot.com/search/label/BOYS%20OVER%20FLOWERS;
Instocks: http://shoppeshoppe.blogspot.com/search/label/INSTOCKS;
Supplying: http://shoppeshoppe.blogspot.com/search/label/SUPPLYING;

Guess these are all .
All the flowers/toys/mumu etc not selling .
Oh! The mumu all sold out ^^
So are the Taiwan apparel brands!

Mostly selling Kpop !
Email if you are finding for any Korean albums .
We will try our best to find for you . ^^

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5:18 PM

Monday, October 19, 2009

you are loved

Rebirth album Special Edition preorder only!

We are opening a preorder for the Special Edition only.
It is limited of total 10000 pieces worldwide.

It includes:
1. 2 Posters
2. 100 pages pictorial
3. Diary
4. CD

Going for $50.
Early birds will receive special discounts.

Send in your orders now!

Just need to fill in your name, contact number, number of copies, address, bank account number (if refund).
Please place a deposit of $25 to us.
Either bank transfer or meet up in Pasir Ris only.
Please tell us if you want to pay full amount.
Full amount = More discount, but to a limited period.

[b][big]Selling/Preorder SS501's Rebirth Special Edition with us now! Only [u]$50[/u] with 2 posters, 100pages pictorial and a diary. Its limited! Early Birds are given a special price[/b][/big]

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5:35 PM

Thursday, October 8, 2009

you are loved


Hi all.
Sorry if there are super late replies in tag or mail.
We are taking Os this year so there will not be enough time to handle the blog.
Please understand, especially for those who ordered but have not paid.
Your orders will be voided.

The blogshop business will resume on 19 November 2009 (Thursday).

The blog has authority to do any amendments without any prior notice.
Do be considerate too.

S.H.E Taiwan version Autographed [愛的三溫暖] Book.
4 Instocks.

The S.H.E Book [愛的三溫暖] has arrived. We have 4 instocks now.
All are autographed selling at $30/- each, Taiwan version.
Interested parties please leave a tag.
Meet-up: Pasir Ris ONLY.
Normal Postage: $2 TOP UP.
Registered Postage: Depends (Do ask).
Joyce will attend to you.
Replies for this will take 3 days max.

The only thing we're doing is to sell the 4 instock S.H.E Books.

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7:05 PM

Monday, July 13, 2009

you are loved

Price has changed too.

Hi all!
If you are wondering whether to order S.H.E's new book, here is the right place!

Other blogshops selling at $40++ for the autographed taiwan version.
But not ours ! ^^
We are selling just $32

-Book (Taiwan Version)
-Autograph (In Taiwan)
-EP (Preorder Gift)

Hopes this is clear.
Blogger is having problems with the picture uploads so you can google up "S.H.E 愛的3溫暖" if you want to see what is it like :D

Preorder closes 15 July.
Payments by 16 July.
Those who has ordered by today (13 July) pays $30.
Any other orders from 14 July, each book costing $32.

Do take note of the changes!
We have our reasons , do co-operate!

You can check other blogshops, and we are 99% sure this is one of the cheapest you can find.
Especially autographed!

Mail for supply.
But payments all by 16 July best.

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8:20 PM

Friday, July 10, 2009

you are loved

S.H.E NEW BOOK 愛的3溫暖
The cheapest all over the blogshops! And only selling autographed! :)

Taiwan Version.

Autographed : $30 each

Since it is autographed, please do not bargain ^^
Closes on 15 July .
No time to waste! :)
The dateline to transfer money is by 16 July .
But have to transfer to us either full amount or deposit of $25.
Any cancellation after deposit is made will not be refund .
So it means that it will be confiscated .

Items will come early August .

Do place your orders with contact number, bank number/meetup at pasir ris, mailing address.
And finally the quantity!

Supplying too! Mail us for the rates!

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2:23 PM

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

you are loved

The latest mini album with poster!

소녀시대 Girls Generation 소원을 말해봐 (Genie) (Mini Album) + Limited Poster

Price: $28

Track List:

01. 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)
02. Etude
03. 여자친구 (Girlfriend)
04. 남자친구 (Boyfriend)
05. 동화 (My Child)
06. 1년 後 (One Year Later)

Please mail your orders to th-shoppe@hotmail.com using the format given below .

1. Name
2. Contact Number (Mobile Phone)

3. Meetup or reg/normal postage
4. Mailing Address
5. Number of Quantity

Do co-operate .
This preorder is from: 1 July - 4 July .
Payment latest by 5 July .
The posters are limited so quickly place your orders so that i can inform my supplier!

Imported from Korea .
The more you buy , the cheaper! So don't argue over the price .

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6:18 PM

you are loved

The latest mini album with poster!

소녀시대 Girls Generation 소원을 말해봐 (Genie) (Mini Album) + Limited Poster

Price: $28

Track List:

01. 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)
02. Etude
03. 여자친구 (Girlfriend)
04. 남자친구 (Boyfriend)
05. 동화 (My Child)
06. 1년 後 (One Year Later)

Please mail your orders to th-shoppe@hotmail.com using the format given below .

1. Name
2. Contact Number (Mobile Phone)

3. Meetup or reg/normal postage
4. Mailing Address
5. Number of Quantity

Do co-operate .
This preorder is from: 1 July - 4 July .
Payment latest by 5 July .
The posters are limited so quickly place your orders so that i can inform my supplier!

Imported from Korea .
The more you buy , the cheaper! So don't argue over the price .

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6:18 PM

you are loved

KPOP - SS501
We know Singapore has started selling these but they are selling at super unaffordable prices especially Hmv .

SS501 Albums here !
Finally :D

1. Snow Prince (2nd Singles)

  • Released: December 10, 2005
  • Label: DSP Entertainment
  • Tracks: 5
  1. 하얀사람 (3:21)
  2. My Girl (4:17)
  3. Snow Prince (3:24)
  4. In Your Smile (3:34)
  5. Fighter (3:33)

Price: $20 $18

2. Deja vu (3rd Singles)

  • Released: March 11, 2008
  • Label: DSP Entertainment
  • Tracks: 3
  1. 데자뷰 (Deja vu) (3:32)
  2. 널 부르는 노래 (3:41)
  3. Destiny (3:12)

Price: $20 $18

3. Volume 1 - S.T 01 Now (1st Full Album)

  • Released: November 10, 2006
  • Label: DSP Entertainment
  • Tracks: #15
  1. Existence
  2. Four Chance
  3. Unlock
  4. Again
  5. Stand By Me
  6. Sky
  7. 겁쟁이
  8. Man
  9. Hana
  10. Confession (서툰고백)
  11. Bye Bye
  12. Radio Star
  13. 세상의 날개
  14. 경고 (Remix Ver.)
  15. Unlock (Heavy Edition Feat. 김세황) (Hidden Track)

Price: $25 $23

4. Mini Album - FIND

  • Released: July 28, 2008
  • Label: DSP Entertainment
  • Tracks: #8
  1. 너와 숨쉬다
  2. 넌나의천국 A song calling for you
  3. FIND
  4. 고맙다 (Thank You)(vocal 현중 kim hyun joong)
  5. 넌나의천국-inst.
  6. FIND-inst.
  7. 사랑해X5
  8. 고맙다( thank you )-acoustic ver.

Price: $25 $23

5. Mini Album - U R Man (Triple S)

  • Released: November 21, 2008
  • Label: Mnet Media
  • Tracks: #6
  1. WANT IT
  2. U R Man
  3. The ONE
  4. 사랑인거죠
  5. Never Let You Go
  6. I AM

Price: $25 $23

Order Format:

1. Name
2. Contact Number (Mobile Phone)
3. Meetup or reg/normal postage
4. Mailing Address
5. Items

Mail them to th-shoppe@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

No cappings for these orders but hope to reach at 5 before sending the orders!

The prices are on discounts now! Place your orders now!

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5:42 PM

you are loved

KPOP - SS501
Some mechandise, all imported from Korea otherwise stated :D

1. Tumblers
Design A: Pajamas (Red)
Design B: Deja Vu (Brown)


Price: $30

2. Green Lightstick 2009


Price: $23

3. Key Ring


Price: $18

4. Metal CD Casing
Designs: SS501 , KHJ-L , HYS , KKJ , PJM , KHJ-B


Price: $15 each

Mail all to th-shoppe@hotmail.com and do state the exact things you want .

The format is stated below:

1. Name
2. Contact Number (Mobile Phone)
3. Meetup or reg/normal postage

4. Mailing Address
5. Number of Quantity

Again , easy right ?
So get going now!

Buy more than 3 items , exclusive discounts available!

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5:30 PM

you are loved

KPOP - SS501
Selling preorders of SS501 Collection with poster!

Imported from Korea .
Able to get after 18 July coz it reaches our hands that day :)
If more than 5 orders then will do meetups at City Hall MRT Interchange .

Price: $30 $26

Track List:

01. 제발 잘해줘 (Kim Hyun Joong)
02. 이름없는 기억 (Heo Young Saeng)
03. Wuss Up (Kim Kyu Jong Feat. 태완 a.k.a "C-LUV" & STAR TRAK)
04. 하면은 안돼 (Park Jung Min)
05. HEY G (Kim Hyung Jun)
06. 비겁하지않겠어 (SS501)

The more you buy , the more discounts :)
Do take note , it is not at all that expensive .
A Limited Poster is included with the Album and just takes 2 weeks to arrive .
Please get back to me asap.
If not we'll close it like any sooner!

Order: 1 July - 25 July
Payments: All by 25 July

(May extend if overwhelming response .)

Please state:

1. Name
2. Contact Number (Mobile Phone)
3. Meetup or reg/normal postage
4. Mailing Address if postage
5. Number of Quantity

These are 5 easy points to take note .
And that's the format! :D
Send in all orders to th-shoppe@hotmail.com now!

Payment wise: Posb/Dbs Transfer or Meetup only at Pasir Ris MRT Station.
Stocks are limited!

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4:54 PM

Monday, June 15, 2009

you are loved

飛輪海 愛就宅一起 姆姆抱抱
Interested ?

We do have some instocks.
Not taking anymore preorders for this though .
It's original as there will be tags .
The tags are there to proof that they are purely original and originated from Taiwan .

Price :
38cm - $46
70cm - $75

Who says they are outdated ?
They are limited!
Especially the 70cm ones.
They are hard to get therefore the price is higher.
Mars (Jiro) is holding the 38cm one .

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8:50 PM

you are loved

I'm a crazy fan of this show too! Watched the show 4 times :)

Remember the part where Jandi got bullied when Junpyo said that she is not his business ?
That's Jandi's bag we are talking about!
She had her replacement bag and we are selling them :)

Capping : 3

Price : $35

Originated from Korea and it takes around 1 week to 10 days to arrive .

Another part is when Jandi handmade a pink cat doll for Junpyo with the black curls for his present.

Also originated from Korea but the time taken not sure yet.
Therefore the size is also the same size as the one in the show .
Unless you are willing to wait then order :)

Capping : 3

Price : $32

Lastly is the all time favourite part where Junpyo gives Jandi a necklace which he designed.
3 versions of this.

Total capping : 8

If you are having some budget then take the stainless steel one.
Trust me , i won't take this .
Price : $10

The better one is the 925 Silver .

Price :
Without name - $16
With name (J ♥ J) - $20

We also have the earring version .

Price : $11 per pair

All these not sure when will arrive.
Do not pester, order if u can wait :)
Please send all orders to th-shoppe@hotmail.com

Make payments when u are told to do so .

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8:33 PM

you are loved

Siman Watches.

Do you want your watches to be like theirs ?
These are non-authentic though .
The authentic ones are 100++ to 200+ SGD and the brand is ODM.

2 materials available .
The plastic ones are non-adjustable but it's strechable , like nylon strings etc. stringing them.
The rubber ones are adjustable like normal watches.

In Ko3guo , the females wore plastic and the males wore rubber version.

Capping: 7

Rubber - $28
Plastic - $25
(The more you purchase , the cheaper)

Time to reach : 3 weeks

Do not rush.
Payment wise , meetup at Pasir Ris or bank transfer.
Other than Pasir Ris, u have to pay extra fixed $2-$5.

Email us ur orders :) th-shoppe@hotmail.com
Supplies for these are available.

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8:08 PM

you are loved

Supply rates to be revised.

Hi, the rates are to be revised again.
Higher or lower i don't know either .

But here is the standard .
The shirts and jackets remains the same.
Please refer to the other FBT posts at the left navigations .
Fbt differs.

Non-dryfit are having a minimum capping of 20 with the price of $9.50 per piece.
Drifit are different. They costs more. Capping of 20 with the price of $11 per piece.

I am not doing any profit now.
Unil i find better suppliers! :D
Get your orders here .
I will find better ones for all alright?

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8:04 PM

you are loved

Missed us ?

We have returned!
But the emails will be replied late .

We will strictly be supplying only Fbts and selling Boys Over Flowers items.
Yes , it means that fbt are not going to be sold per order but in bulks.
But for the BOF items , we will try to get cheaper supplies .
And both will benefit then !
Great ?

The fbts supply currently from the warehouse.
We hope to reach more than a 100 orders before we send there :)

If u want the supplies then mail us at th-shoppe@hotmail.com
Same thing , we will try to find cheaper supplies.

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7:35 PM

Saturday, February 28, 2009

you are loved

FBT ORDERS There are some oos and will be refunded.

Take note of the changes in the FBT Supplying Rates section.
No bargaining !
The minimum capping is 20.
I am officially not doing anymore preorders until further notices.

The customers who has oos shorts has been refunded, now left with Ren Hui .
Ren Hui's shorts are still with me and not refunded yet.

These are the people who i've refunded to.
1. Kerrin ($50 - refunded)
2. Amber ($18 - refunded)
3. Xuan Ning ($29 - refunded)
4. Jing Yi ($12.50 - refunded)
5. Qi Lu ($11 - refunded)
6. Ren Hui ($18 - waiting)

Left with Ren Hui and Jing Yi not refunded.
The rest refunded already .

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12:50 PM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

you are loved

Busy enough uh -.-

Hi people, we are here to inform you all that the fbts will be taken after supplier packs for us.
We are not able to go down to the warehouse coz of the heavy rain. Unpredictable weather.

The warehouse says that they can only give me on Wednesday. Which is tml ! :)
Do be patient and wait.
Thank you all for paying on time too .

If there are any refunds to be made, your names would be written soon.
I'll refund them by bank transfer.
I'm really really packed this week and we are having our Common Test next week.
Do co-operate, thanks!

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2:12 PM

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

you are loved

It's closing soon. The things that are written here are strictly to be abided.

Yes, as said, i'll be closing the last preorder soon.
Then the next time we are opening again is after major exams.
It's not early to study now -.-

But nevertheless, supplies are still available.
The prices are written there . Do take a look .

The official closing date of the preorder is 20 Feb (Friday) , 10:00pm .
And the final payment is to be made by 21 Feb (Saturday) , 5:00pm whether by meet up or bank transfer .
Meet ups on Saturday (21 Feb) are only available at Simei's East Point Mall Ground Level 10:30am - 12:00nn & The Cineleisure @ Somerset/Orchard 1:00pm - 1:30pm or 4:00pm - 4:30pm .
If you are late this time round , you just have to pay extra.
Extra charge of $2 even if you are 5 minutes late . Coz I'm really pressed for time on Saturday .

If payments via meet ups are to be made during the weekdays until Friday , only to my convenience at Pasir Ris . I will not go all the way to the North even if $10 is given :)

All payments that are paid later than 5:00pm (bank transfer) on Saturday 21 Feb will be confiscated . Don't expect me to transfer it back to you . Time Management !! Seriously la , we mean what we say this time okay .

Thank you very much .
Don't say you never take note of this post . ^^

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10:09 PM

Monday, February 16, 2009

you are loved

Yes, you name it.

We are going to stop selling after the FBT Preorder 9 is officially over.
Reason being the lack of time to handle and i'm taking majors this year. but instocks are always on ^^
They are nego.

Going to continue:
- Supply of FBT & Flowers/Toys
- Instocks

Thanks! (:

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10:28 PM

Thursday, February 5, 2009

you are loved

For Her , For Him x3
Small Plushies - $5

Medium Plushies - $20

Large Plushies - $30 for 1 , $42 for 2

Email us now ! th-shoppe@hotmail.com
Supply available too ! :D



4:23 PM

you are loved

Here are the prices and meaning .




No. of roses


$ 10

$ 10

- 1 Rose

You are my only one

$ 40

$ 28

- 3 Roses

I love you

$ 60

$ 55

- 6 Roses

I wanna be yours

$ 80

$ 85

- 9 Roses

An Eternal love, together as long as we live

$ 120

$ 100

- 12 Roses

Satisfactory union and mutual affinity

$ 185

$ 150

- 21 Roses

I am devoted to you

$ 200

$ 165

- 24 Roses

Can't stop thinking about you, 24 hours everyday

$ 360

$ 250

- 36 Roses

I will remember our romantic moments

$ 400

$ 225

- 40 Roses

My love for you is genuine

$ 500

$ 280

- 50 Roses

Regretless love, this is

$ 600

$ 450

- 99 Roses

I will love you for as long as I live



3:59 PM

you are loved

For her , and For Him x3

21 Roses

1 Red Rose

12 Pink Roses

3 Pink Roses

9 Ferrero Rocher

3 Pink Roses + 3 Ferrero Rocher

1 Pink Rose+ 1 Red Rose + 3 Ferrero Rocher

9 Pink Roses
3 Pink Roses + 3 Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is also availble with NO extra charges. You can customise the kind of bouquets that you like, for example 3Roses with 3 Ferrero Rocher. Other flowers also available. Just let us know and we will quote you the price!

Number of flowers comes in :
1 , 3 , 6 , 9 , 12 , ($10-$100)
21 , 24 , 36 , 40 , 50 , 99. ($150-$450)

Order Format
- Name
- Contact number
- Address
- Number of flowers and colours (red/pink)
- Quantity

- Additional items (disney soft toys, chocolates) if any.
- Other comments/remarks (eg: If which colour/don't want)

Order now for Valentines on 14 Feb!
Email too , if you want supplies .

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